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News: 150 To Recruit Too Good To Be True A Race To The Bottom

£150 to recruit. Too good to be true? A race to the bottom?


You buy an advert from us, you buy US, you buy from real people with real experience, each with over 15 years experience in traditional recruitment agencies. We manually look through applications, manually search, head hunt and maximise all resources available to us to find you the best candidates, quickly and all for a fraction of the price of traditional agencies.

We know what you’re looking for. We’ve been doing this a long time. We’re a family run business and invest in ourselves and our brilliant and bright team keeping all of us ahead of the game.

What do we do that’s different?

We don’t charge you thousands of pounds to meet a handful of people. We’re an online agency so our costs are lower than a High Street agency with a shop front.

We understand that traditional recruitment is a tried and trusted method for many however, we’ve found that many of our repeat clients started off by simply giving us a go to test the water. Over 70% of our clients have used us before. Scouts honour :-). Here’s a link to some testimonials /latest-testimonials. We’re doing things right and we can help you today by slashing those recruitment costs and the time needed to eliminate the social scrollers and unsuitable applicants that all too often arrive via the free sites.

Already have your own HR department? Fantastic! We have a free to use online ATS making the process even easier to integrate into your own in house practices. We have also built up strong and trusted relationships with self employed HR executives and businesses. We can instantly help you save on your advertising costs and provide support to quickly hire the top talent, increasing your profits.

For one fee, ALL adverts go on the UK’s top job boards. This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Now, do you need a little more support? We can do that and at a significant fraction of the price!

We can arrange interviews and speak to the candidates plus give the great or not so great news after you’ve interviewed them, negotiate salaries, start dates and provide contract confirmation. The extra charge for this is £300 for hires up to 20k and £600 for hires £20001 and over. Want to do this yourself? Brilliant, then £150 is all it costs to advertise on the UK’s leading job boards plus all the other extras we provide for free. Adverts are live within an hour and are active for 28 days. Keep the CVs we send to you too! Use them as you wish. There’s no commission fees here so hire as many candidates as you need for one fee when using our advertising service.

We’re here until late too. Call 0845 644 0935 for more information


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