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News: A Bad Hire Can Cost Your Business Thousands

A bad hire can cost your business thousands


To ensure your next hiring decison isn't a major mistake for your business, has started to compile a list of common reasons behind poor hiring choices. We will update these on our website each week.

Avoid these at all costs to make sure your next new hire succeeds.

 The halo effect

After a long day of  disappointing candidates, your next interviewee turns out to be positive and friendly - a welcome combination that impresses you immediately.  On top of that they have a pretty solid CV.  You hire them straight away.


During the trial period, you hear word from the manager that their performance has been disappointing, and they show no signs of improvement.  So what went wrong?  How could the candidate who impressed at interview turn out to be a bad hire?


This is a perfect example of the halo effect: a type of cognitive bias that occurs when we overlook obvious faults when someone impresses us in one particular area.  In this case, you were impressed by the candidate's sociable demeanor, and assumed they would be equally impressive in other areas.  The CV may not have been perfect but since you were already sold on their sociability, you didn't even notice you were overlooking potential issues.


Beating the halo effect starts with being aware of its impact, and developing a simple hiring system to offset its effect. recommend putting in place a system which requires candidates to be assessed by a group of people from different levels and areas of the company.


This process enables the group to probe a wide range of criteria and obtain balanced and complete information,  When a candidate is reviewed by a wide range of people it exposes them to varying sets of opinions and bias, minimising the potential impact the halo effect can have on the hiring decision.



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