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New Employee Recruitment Costs

Cost of Recruiting a New Employee


That may well be the case, but it’s well known that hiring a new staff member costs more than just their salary, and it’s important businesses have a good idea on the costs involved. One route is to use a recruitment agency, but in some cases this will cost 20-30% of the final salary – on an average salary this fee can be over £5,000. An alternative option is to conduct the search yourself by utilising social media and saving hundreds of pounds, but with this route businesses soon realise it takes a great deal of expertise, effort and time to find the right individual and draw in the right applications.


So is there any right way to get expert help whilst bringing these costs down? 

Yes. Flat Rate Recruiting was born from the notion that traditional recruitment methods are expensive and not cost efficient for many businesses. We feel your pain, and that’s exactly why we work every day to provide our clients with a ‘value added’ service. We charge £150 or less so everything is included all for a fixed price. There are no hidden costs, no agency fees, no job board costs and no percentage payments on placement. Everything is included.


So what do you mean by everything? 

We advertise on all of the leading job boards so you will have maximum coverage every time. You can also manage your applications and our easy to use online dashboard, and this makes us a great choice for companies of any size. The £150 charge is for 1 advertisement per role, and this will include:

  • An advertisement on the UK's best job boards, giving you access to millions of active and passive candidates all in one place.
  • Advertising your jobs on social media with sponsored pay per click campaigns.
  • Recruiting at no extra cost. Our price is one fixed fee, no catches!  We charge per advert not per hire.
  • There’s no need to rush at all. You have 15 months from purchase to use your adverts.
  • A free online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) where you can manage your applicants within your very own dashboard. Every applicant is available immediately to review, and everything is in one place, you can even invite colleagues.
  • Targeted emails to get your job into the inbox of the best candidates.
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager who will be your primary point of contact throughout the recruitment process.
  • We also filter and rank applications, saving you time finding the best talent.


Find the right person for a fixed price

Many businesses are led to believe that recruitment agencies have a better candidate pool to choose from, or greater reach so they will automatically attract better talent than a fixed fee recruiter. That’s certainly not the case, and generally an agency will use the same avenues as a Flat Fee or Fixed Fee recruiter like If you’re frustrated at the costs involved in adding a new team member, it could be time to speak to a member of ours! We’d love to help you out with our friendly, affordable and effective recruitment services. 


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