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News: How To Bring The New Year In With A More Eco Friendly Office Environment

How to bring the New Year in with a more eco friendly office environment


If you’re already making a difference to the environment at home, here are 5 tips to bring that care for the earth’s future into the workplace

1: Manage waste effectively

If your office doesn't already have a recycling bin, it's time to introduce one.  Separate waste into paper, plastic and glass recyclables.  Do this and help say goodbye to excess waste going to landfill.

2: Cut back on excess consumption

Ditch the coffee pod machine and invest in a reusable insulated cup, again cutting down on landfill waste and saving you ££ in the process.  Keep a supply of cutlery in the kitchen drawers to cut down on those pesky disposable sporks.  Bring your lunch to work is a great wat to cut down on the amount of plastics that go into our oceans and again, those £££’s are back in your pocket.

3: Only use your car as a last resort

Walk, ride or catch public transport to work to save on both petrol and carbon emissions. If you have an alternative to cars try and use it.  Share a ride to work and take advantage of halving the fuel costs as well as halving the emissions by using one car instead of two.

4: Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products

Instead of using commercial cleaners, consider making your own product to clean your workspace.  You can use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda (special credit to Kim and Aggie for this).

5: Power down

An Appliance Standards Awareness Project study found that the typical microwave is only used about 70 hours a year. During the other 99% of the time, or 8,690 hours, it burns as much as 35 kilowatt hours in "vampire power" to illuminate the clock and keep electronic push button controls in standby mode. Whenever it is not in use, make sure to turn your microwave off at the switch (and leave a note to fellow colleagues to do the same!)

Switching off computers, lights, printers etc. at the end of the working day to conserve power. Your boss will love the reduction in electricity costs.


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