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The Disadvantages Of Using A Traditional Recruitment Agency

The Disadvantages of Using a Traditional Recruitment Agency


In fact, most companies prefer to do it in-house because the vast majority of traditional recruitment agencies are not much better, especially in terms of speed, efficiency, quality and cost. Here at Flat Rate Recruiting, we offer a fast, efficient and reliable solution, meaning you can find your perfect employee for the price of just one advertisement, which is £150. We don’t think it’s fair for traditional recruitment agencies to charge as much as £10,000 or more for their recruitment services, despite the tools at their disposal.

If an employer pays for just one advertisement with us, they will see their job description advertised on the UK’s best job boards and across social media, whilst targeted emails will also be sent as part of the overall package. We also provide access to our online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) where employers can manage applicants in their very own dashboard, along with a dedicated account manager.

Many traditional recruitment agencies also relish long-term contracts with employers. We’re different in that we understand you do not necessarily need a recruitment company for every job, so you can simply buy a single advert or a 5, 10 or 25 advertisement package, it’s completely up to you. You even have 15 months from purchase to use your adverts! We know that the inadequacy of traditional recruitment firms’ performances over the last few years has meant companies have had to rethink their hiring strategies, budgets and competitiveness in the open job market, however, Flat Rate Recruitment is the answer to all of those concerns. We are born from the notion that traditional recruitment methods are expensive and not cost efficient for many businesses, so our services are built around adding value to your business, whilst we work with you to create honest, transparent, creative and interesting recruitment solutions.

Below we’ve listed four of the main disadvantages that can come from using a traditional recruitment agency:

  • One agency can often mean just one historic database.
  • Less reputable firms may send too many candidates without being filtered or ranked, so many of these are not meeting employer requirements.
  • Very costly as fees, typically 20-30% of the appointee’s salary!
  • Not up to speed with the trends in digital recruitment and therefore unable to use the latest tools effectively.

We believe Flat Rate Recruitment is the most sensible approach to recruitment for small and large companies. There are no hidden costs, no agency fees, no job board costs and no percentage payments on placement so you find the perfect employee for just £150. This would have been completely unheard of just a decade ago but talented candidates now use online searches for jobs more than ever, and we’re able to use our skills and experience to take advantage of the many online tools available without costing you an arm and a leg!



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